My name is Margarita Anorova, I'm a professional photographer (graduated from the New York Institute of Photography), live and work in The Woodlands, Texas

First… a little background… many years ago, when my parents gave me a digital camera to play with, I was amazed that I could actually capture moments in time. Right then and there, I was as captured as the images were, and I knew photography was going to be my calling. Since then I’ve been continually learning new tricks and mastering new techniques. I love the challenge of developing innovative new ways to render moments in time… not just for historical purposes, but for artistic ones as well. Over the years I have had the pleasure of conducting many interesting photo shoots.

I can provide: portrait photography; business portraits of company employees; individual shooting for dating sites, social networks, portfolios; and other photographic services. And I treasure family shoots; especially on a customer’s location as I believe that family photography should take place in an actual family setting.

Before I start a shoot, I will sit down with my customer and spend time discussing what it is they are trying to achieve. Sometimes it is just capturing special moments in a classical, elegant style, that never goes out of fashion. But I can also provide insights into new ways of capturing their moments that not only records accurate, true-to-life, snapshots in time; but also in a way to personalized their special personalities and characters.

My professional qualities include: punctuality, responsibility, attention to detail, and most importantly, a satisfied customer. I always achieve these because I love my work. Photography for me is not only a commercial project, but also a way of creative self-expression; so it is important for me that each frame is flawless, expressive and aesthetically pleasing. I also give priority to delivering final processed photos to meet my client’s time frame. But to provide additional customer satisfaction, and as an extra challenge to myself, I strive to deliver results ahead of time.

Thank you for your time and consideration. And please let me make your photo shoot enjoyable and unique to you. And always feel free to contact me with questions of any kind. I want to help you.